Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Newton's Law

This morning we read a great story and began to explore the idea of motion!

  Newton's 1st Law: (kindergarten words, from"Newton and Me")
1."Something won't move unless a force makes it move."
2. "If you push something twice as hard, it will move twice as fast."  But if one thing is twice as heavy as another, it will only go half way."

Here are some of the things that we noticed.....
1. Bigger balls fall faster because they have more mass!  They fall quickly.
2. When we rolled our balls down a block ramp it went faster because it was heavier and it was going downhill.  "Gravity pulled it Mrs. D."
3. When you use a little force, their is not a lot of movement.
4.  When you use a lot of force, their is a lot of movement.

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