Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Creating, Reflecting and Designing

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This week we have been busy finishing up special projects.  We have been designing a Kindergarten poster, creating paper cache animals that are part of the Global Goals, Life On Land and writing letters to our new teachers.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Outdoor Classroom Day!

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Today we celebrate the importance and value of exploring the natural world.  It was fun to see others in the world who like us, care about nature and enjoy learning outdoors.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Creating A Documentary: Global Goals For Sustainability

Today Mrs. Tursi visited Kindergarten to speak to us about our documentary that we are creating.  She shared that a documentary is a film, but a film that is real.  Mrs. Tursi will be teaching us a lot of new vocabulary used when creating a documentary.  She helped us create our filming studio today.

The children are so excited.  Mrs. Tursi is our director.  We will begin filming later in the week about why the Global Goals are important and why everyone needs to be involved.


Thanks to DonorsChoose and other kind and generous people in the world we now have new Mo Willems books, puppets and a game!  We also have many new books by Jon Klassen, the author who visited WCS. The children now have additional opportunities to use their oral language to retell a story.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Global Goals!

Mrs. Tursi has been in Kindergarten facilitating small discussion groups about the Global Goals.  This week she used unified cubes as a way to represent each child's idea.  She shared: "We had more ideas together than we would have alone.  We built our ideas into a tower using unifix cubes!  See how many ideas we had to share about Global GoalsWe had more ideas together than we would have alone."  

Global Kindness Project

During the month of May we are participating in the Global Kindness Project.  You can check out the conversation on Twitter #GKP17.  This week we are exploring the idea of inspiring good.  We are talking a lot about how we can show gratitude towards others to let them know we are grateful and appreciative of their ideas and actions.  Click here to read more about the Global Kindness Project....

 Our exploration of the Global Goals also ties nicely into this idea of how we show gratitude.  When we notice things in our environment that need help, we help.  This is a wonderful way to show our gratitude, but also take responsibility for making our world better.  Just by picking up trash....

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Observing Colors After A Rain Storm

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This afternoon we took a walk outside and noticed lots of colors.  We think the rain water makes living things healthy and they come to life that is why their colors are so bright.  We each created what we observed on our walk today.

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