Math Workshop

Making Sense!

This morning while we were exploring at math stations we learned a new Math Habit of Mind! Making Sense!  We notice as mathematicians that when we rethink about an idea, we change our thinking because it does not make sense!  Look for these cards coming home!

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Mathematical Dyads In Kindergarten!

We were able to share how we listen to understand and use "math talk" when we were solving a common question.  We were thinking about if all triangles looked the same.  We also had visitors who were noticing how we explore big questions and also the tools we use to solve problems!  It was fun being mentors for others.

We are exploring 2D and 3D shapes.  Polydrons are great mathematical materials because we are able to design attributes with faces, vertices and bases!  Lots of new math language appears though our ability to share and reflect on what we notice.
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Top It! 
This afternoon we explored a new App, Top It!  It helped us add numbers and then identify which ones were greater.  Click here to find it at the App Store!

Longer, Shorter or The Same?
This afternoon we explored some measuring concepts; shorter, longer and the same.  We used non standard materials to help us learn how to create things that are longer and shorter.

Creating Number Trees!

Our pattern this month has buttons on vests!  We have to predict what pattern comes next and then create number trees and/or math families that match the vest and pattern each day! Our SMARTboard is great because we can collaborate with a friend when we are trying to solve a problem!

We are practicing writing our numbers to 100!  We are identifying patterns and making predictions too!

Today we also explored what it means to cover/tessallate a surface using pattern blocks.

Counting Order! This week we have been putting numbers in counting order.  Counting order is the way numbers appear when we count.  If we skip numbers and create a pattern, that is skip counting!  We created number lines.  We can tell you the names of numbers 1-12, if they are odd and even and also tell you numbers that come before and after!

Apples: How They Help Us Subitzie and Build Strong Hand Muscles!

This morning we learned how to use a di to help us subtilize numbers and also use our hands to color carefully!  

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Shoes: What Do You Notice?

This afternoon we took off 1 of our shoes and took some Private Reasoning Time to make observations.  We noticed that; some of our shoes tied, some were sandals and some had no ties.  We use our Smartboard to create ways we could sort our own shoes too!
Number Corner Fun!

Today we were thinking mathematically!  We made these observations about a square; Squares have 4 sides, the sides are the same size, the have 4 points!

Amazing Mathematicians!

Today we counted our collection of unifix cubes for the month of January.  We found many different ways to represent our total.  When we represent numbers more than 1 way, we call this Multiple Representation.  This is one of the Math Habits of Mind that we are exploring.

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Creating A Number Line!

Counting Order On The SMARTboard!

Spill The Beans!

Today we played a great new math game.  Each child has 5 beans.  We spill our beans, count them and write the number!  Lots of fun!

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Making Mathematical Connections! 
As young mathematicians we are exploring the different features of lots of different attributes.  We are exploring sides, corners and even 'how to" make different attributes with the materials we play with.

Blocks are really fun and easy to create with.  What do you notice here?

Today we made mathematical connections with some of the materials we use at our work stations!  What do you notice? 
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Geometry Fun!

During our math workshop time we have been exploring shapes and their different attributes!  We have been able to use a variety of tools in Kindergarten to help us discover the different features of shapes!
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 Patterns!  Patterns!  Patterns! 
We have been busy creating and designing patterns using a variety of manipulatives.  We are also looking at patterns in nature.  This idea was shared with us through our Kindergarten friends in Virginia.  We connect through Skype each week to share what we are learning about!

Labeling how we sorted our pumpkins!
Mathematicians make observations so they can sort.  Today in Kindergarten we explored a mathematical dyad and took Private Reasoning Time to think about the ways we could sort our pumpkins.  We came up with the following ways; sort by color, carved and not carved, light and no light, same carved smile or not and light or dark.

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Creating and Recognizing Patterns!
Listen to what some of the children noticed while enjoying their afternoon snack! video

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 Counting Order

A child this afternoon created something he called;"Counting Order".  Foam dice are great!  Lots of mathematical possibilities here for children to explore.

 Writing Our Numbers

This morning we learned "How To" write the numbers 1,2 and 3!  Our SMARTboard is great for us to practice on.  Be sure to ask your child about the rhymes we learned for each number!

How Many Of Us Like Books?

 This afternoon we counted up the number of votes we collected on our poll on our blog.  Here are some of the things that our mathematicians noticed;
"The red has the most bears."
I see 2 purple, 2 blues, 3 green and yellow and red has the most."
"The purple and blue are less.  The green and yellow are most."
There's 2,4 and that's all you can go by because 6 is not there."
"Sort of like a pattern."
"These are the less ones and if you put these together it makes 10."

Exploring Math Materials!
Today in Kindergarten we explored with different materials.  The materials we explored will be helping us think deeply about mathematical ideas.  Here are 2 videos of some Kindergarten mathematicians.

Placing Numbers in Order From The Smallest To The Largest!
This morning the children put a variety of numbers in order from the smallest to the largest and the largest to the smallest.  Then the children sorted the numbers into piles of odd and even numbers.  The iPads were great to use to help us write our numbers and also write numbers that come before and after each other.

Creating A Bar Graph!

The children enjoyed a Dr. Seuss story; "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish".  Afterwards each child was given some of their own fish to sort and create a bar graph that represented their data/what they discovered they had. 
What Do You Do With Lucky Charms?

The children had a wonderful experience with Lucky Charms this week.  We shared 1 large box of the cereal.  The children sorted the oats and the marshmellows.  Afterwards we sorted the marshmellows by their type.  Then we created a large graph sharing our discoveries about the charms.  The children glued the charms in columns in ten frames.  This made it easy to visualize the number of each type of charm.  Then after we counted the charms, the children represented the number of charms by writing the number and then we created tally marks for each number too.  This was a great way to show how we use the MHOM(math habit of mind) Multiple Representations!

What Is A Venn Diagram?

This afternoon Mrs. Bianchi visited Kindergarten.  She introduced another way of representing our thinking when we sort our sea creatures.  We talked a lot about the different attributes and how we would sort sea creatures that would fit into both circles of our Venn Diagram.  Lots of wonderful math discourse happening.  Be sure to ask your child about what we did.

 Word Problems With Sea Creatures!

The children created habitats for their sea creatures this week.  During our math workshop time we had an opportunity to sort all our sea creatures focusing on the many different ways we could sort them.  We discovered over a dozen ways we could sort them!  As young mathematicians we are spending time observing and identifying the many different attributes that the sea creatures have.  With the help of our math coordinator, Mrs. Bianchi we will begin to create word problems, mathematical stories about the sea creatures next week.  This is a great example of how we represent our mathematical ideas and share what we observe and notice.

 Sea Creatures!
We introduced a new math workplace this week, "Sea Creatures".  The children have been sorting the creatures according to their different attributes. During these activities the children have an opportunity to practice counting, subitize,look for similarities and differences as well as add and subtract numbers.

 A Great Video of Children Sharing Their Mathematical Thinking!

10 Frames!
During our morning exploration time we play different math games that help strengthen our understanding of numbers.  One activity is using 10 frame cards.  The children work in pairs.  When a child is shown a card(for a few seconds) the children tells how many red or blue dots they see.  Afterwards they explain their thinking.  This is a great opportunity for children to show their understanding of not only their ability to subitize, but also what makes what number!

 What Do You Do With A 100 Grid?

Counting Order!

This morning the children did a wonderful job putting numerals 0-21 in counting order!  We talked about how counting order is the way we count!  Our colored counting charts look great!  We will be bringing them home to share this week.

 Numeral Writing and Numeral Identification!

 I made a nine out of a pretzel!

 Counting and writing numbers.  Working with a friend and making observations while we write!

The children have been practicing writing their numbers to 5 and identifying numbers and different decades.  The SMARTboard has been an awesome tool because we can identify different numbers and interact with the different number patterns that we see.  Some of the children discovered that they were using some of the MHOM as well while they were working!  Sometimes mathematicians change their thinking!  Many children did this while writing their numbers.  Great connections everywhere!

 Number Bingo!

The children came home with a number bingo sheet on Friday in their folder for you to play at home.  This is a great game for number recognition, identifying the number that comes before or after.  All you have to do is say the name of the number(for # id) that you want your child to cover.  Bingo comes quickly!  Enjoy!

 For example; Ask your child to cover the number that comes after 4 or before 8.
 Listen To The Wonderful Mathematical Thinking Happening!

Video is a great way to capture the mathematical thinking behind why we do what we do!

Sorting Bugs!


This afternoon the children had an opportunity to sort bugs.  Each child had an envelope of bugs.  The children all had different ideas about how they would sort their bugs.  The children were making connections, justifying why they felt certain bugs fit into a certain category and then children began labeling their ideas!

 Using Technological Tools To Enhance Thinking!

Children love to talk about themselves and their ideas. In the photograph you see a child sharing the pattern he sees on a card. He is sharing how he knows it is an AB,AB pattern. He is working from the right to the left. The child before shared how she knew it was an AB pattern and shared from the left to the right. The boy(in photo) shared that both of their ideas were the same because they were both AB patterns, but the 1st color is different because of how and where they started. Wow! I took/take opportunities to enhance/highlight the "math words they are using; patterns, 1st, 2nd, etc. The children love hearing how real mathematicians use special math words to share their ideas.
In this photo a child is sharing a maple leaf.  While she is sharing she is telling us what she feels is important.  She is identifying the points on the leaf.  After she circles the leaf she shares that she knows that the leaf has 5 points because....  This is a great example of a child using MHOM(Math Habits of Mind) to show How she knows her idea to be true as well as Justify her mathematical thinking.

Mrs. Schaw Visits Kindergarten!

videoMrs. Schaw visited our math workshop to teach us about a mathematical tool called a Rekenrek.  Enjoy watching the videos so you can listen and watch what we do with these neat tools.

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