SMART board Awesomeness!

Connecting Our Math Thinking
Today we explored capturing, enlarging and rotating objects.  We made lots of mathematical connections with some of the shapes.  We also noticed the number of sides and corners.  We are thinking about lines too.  Are the shapes made with curvy, straight or both types of lines?

Our Smartboard is an amazing tool.  We can interact with what we are learning.  AirServer is great too because we can remotely access what is on our iPad!  This is a great way to introduce new apps and demonstrate 'how to" use.  We can also highlight what we understand.

Capturing Numbers

Today we explored counting order.  We also captured numbers, turned them upside down and even made the numbers larger and smaller.  We are exploring "how to" use the Smartboard tools to help us explore learning.

Identifying Letters, Sounds and Words!
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Our Smart board is awesome.  During our morning meeting time we are able to find words, letters, sounds and other things that we are exploring during the day.  We are able to capture, highlight, make smaller, larger and even clone!

Letter and Sounds!

When we have "Echo Time" the leader of the day gets to create different CVC words.  We use magnetic tiles to make ours at our tables!
We really like our Smartboard because we can do all kinds of neat things related to what we are learning.  Today we used dice to help us practice letter names and sounds!  It is really fun when we collaborate with a friend too!

Exploring Numbers and Subitizing!

This morning we explored subtilizing and number sense fun!  Our Smart board makes it really easy for us to manipulate an idea and interact with it too!
We also use our Smart board to identify letters, sounds and words!  The leader of the day helps us decide what to look for!

Enhancing What We Notice!

This morning we were creating Author Note pages for our Dr. Seuss writing.  We noticed that it is important to leave spaces in between your words, use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a period at the end.  Our new document camera helps us capture and explore what we are learning.   We are also learning to stretch our thinking too!  When we write we stretch our ideas by adding details!

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Our New Document Camera!
Today we explored our brand new document camera!  Thanks to a bunch of VERY generous people and @DonorsChoose we have a new camera that will help us enhance our learning!

Collaborating and Representation!

During number corner today we were exploring the number 12 because it is the 12th day of November.  Our SMARTboard gives students an opportunity to collaborate and work side by side when thinking about how to represent a number.

Our Smartboard and document camera help us to capture and highlight what we notice.  Through this experience we are also able to make connections with our learning.  In this photo a student is making observations and noticings of details that an author uses to convey meaning.

5 and 10 Frame Fun!
This afternoon Mr. Anthony taught us a new game using apples!  We created different ways of making numbers 1-10!

What Do You Notice?
In Kindergarten we have a SMARTboard.  This is a great tool because we can make observations of what we notice.  
Our SMARTboard is a great way to practice story comprehension!  Today we used the board to recreate what the caterpillar ate in the story we read!
We are learning "how to" capture, rotate and make objects smaller and bigger!

Echo Time! 

The leader of the day uses the computer to build words.  Then the leader asks for a volunteer to come up to the board and show how they know it is a cvc word.  The SMART board is a wonderful tool that helps us to share and show how we know something!
 During our Echo time we are now beginning to create cvc words!  Our SMART board is able to help use create these cvc words too!  The leader of the day builds a word on the board, while we create the word on our iPads after we using our tapping hand to sound out the words.

During our Echo time we are now beginning to create cvc words!  Our SMART board is able to help use create these cvc words too!  The leader of the day builds a word on the board, while we create the word on our iPads after we using our tapping hand to sound out the words.

 Reflecting, Sharing and Enhancing Reading Strategies!

 A student sharing a photograph that she and her mother took of a tree stump at their home.  She is showing us where the birth rings are.

 We love our SMARTboard!  As young reader's and writer's we are always looking closely at what we read and write.  Our SMARTboard gives us endless opportunities to enhance and reflect on the many strategies we use that support our learning.  We are confident because we share and change our thinking about what we discover and understand.

This week many of my students brought in coins from different countries to share.  By using the Smart board and document camera together we were all able to make observations about what we noticed and then compared what was similar and different between the coins.  All of my students are eager to volunteer to share their observations.  The tools make it easy and interactive for the students to highlight what they want to share.  

Last week we began exploring the life cycle of insects.  My students explored and observed the different features that insects have.  This is what they discovered; 6 legs, 3 body parts(learning the names),big eyes that see close up(this was great as I could introduce a new vocabulary word, compound eyes), wings and antennae. 

Having a SMART board in Kindergarten is really wonderful!  I decided to put a dragonfly in a notebook page for the children to observe and talk about what they notice.  The interactive feature of the board is great because the children can see images close up, make copies, rotate, clone, etc.  In the photographs below a couple of my students were making observations about what they noticed and then wanted to share "How" they knew how many dragonflies were on the board.  What this experience did was open up an opportunity for my students to think deeply about their mathematical thinking.  One student counted by ones and another was trying to use counting by 2's as a strategy.  The SMART board gave my students an opportunity to think about how they knew their were # of dragonflies while also being able to change their thinking and challenge themselves with showing how they would represent what they understand using a smart tool.

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