How Are We Connecting In Kindergarten?

A Guest Reader: Skype

We had a guest reader read to us using Skype.  It was a wonderful story and we enjoyed sharing our ideas and thoughts about the story.  Skype is a wonderful way to engage and invite parents to participate.  We look forward to building our guest reader wall in Kindergarten.

Saying hello using Google Hangout!

This week we used Skype to share our Dot Day Celebration with another Kindergrten class in Vermont.  Today we used Google Hangout to say hello to Mrs. Birdsall.  She is helping us learn about digital citizenship.

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Using GoogleHangout To Learn Spanish!

As we explore Peru we are learning about the language.  We have some wonderful teachers over at WCS to help us.  We are using GoogleHangout to connect.  We also created a special word wall for our new vocabulary too!  Thanks to the wonderful Spanish teachers and their students at WCS.

Where Are We From and Where Have We Been?

As we begin to explore a new culture we are taking some time to notice and learn where we are from.  This helps us learn about our family heritage. As we explore the world we are noticing that many of us have visited similar places and even come from some of the same places.  

When we explore other places in the world, we begin to build an awareness of where people are from, learn about their heritage and then connect. It is wonderful to be able to learn alongside others globally.  We are discovering that we have a lot in common!

Kidblog Post

This week we are exploring persuasive writing.  One of our students this morning sang a song to help her create her illustration of the world for her Kidblog post. This is one way we connect with the world to share what we are exploring in Kindergarten.

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Using Skype To Connect w/Yellowstone National Park!

We were able to use @skypeclassroom as a way to connect and learn about a national forest in Wyoming!  We had great questions and learned all about the different animals that live in the forest out west.  We also learned about what a forest ranger does!  They even have a program for children to become Junior Forest Rangers!  We will be watching a livestream on the web of geysers getting ready to burst!

Learning About The Forest Globally!

As we explore forest life in Vermont we decided to see what forest life is like in other parts of the world.  We have heard from people in New Zealand, Germany, Brazil and lots of other states.  Check out our padlet to see.

Hello From Japan!

This morning we were so lucky to have a conversation with a family visiting Japan!  We were able to see photos of some of the food they eat, clothes they wear and where they live!  We also learned that in Japan they have a train that travels over 200mph!  That is fast. It was nighttime there and daytime in Vermont!
We used Google Hangout to have our conversation!

Connecting Inside and Outside of Kindergarten!

 We have painted a map of the world!  This will help us learn about where people are from that we are connecting with!  We will work on labeling the continents and oceans next week.  Also look for how we use      as well.  These visuals;

help us know how we are connecting and with whom!

This afternoon we also met some new friends in South Burlington!  We are learning how to use Skype as a way to say hello and share what we are learning!  We are always polite and kind!

Using Skype!

This morning we were able to begin to practice using Skype as a way to say hello and share.  Please let me know if you would like to connect with us using Skype! We are beginning to learn how to be a safe, kind and responsible digital citizen.
Read Across America!

We are joining hundreds of other classrooms across the USA to commit to reading aloud with others.  Today we heard a great story called:"Yertle the Turtle" by, Dr. Seuss by an author and illustrator, Ms. Jenny in Florida!  Tomorrow we connect with a Kindergarten class in Wisconsin where we will be doing a book talk about Green Eggs and Ham!

Using SKYPE To Enjoy A Story!

We were able to enjoy a story this week with our 6th grade friends in Vermont!  We gave compliments and made comments about what we noticed!

Welcome Ms. Megan!
This morning we said hello to Ms. Megan!  She will be joining us every Wednesday, starting next week!  Megan is a junior at Champlain college.

Saying Hello To A Friend In Africa!

This morning we had a chance to say hello to a friend in Africa!  We were able to introduce ourselves and share what we were learning today!  SKYPE is a wonderful way to say hello and make connections with others from all over the world!

This morning we had an opportunity to connect with our 6th grade friends in Vermont!  We shared what we learned about forest life and the adaptations that forest animals have.  We also shared information about what we learned from our Skype call from Yellowstone too!

We learned about some endangered species from our friends today. They read clearly and with great expression.  We are working on that too!


This morning we Skyped with Ms. Rachel.  We shared our plan of action with her.  This is our plan:
1. Have a food drive
2. Create an iMovie, "Tweet" it and ask others to "Tweet" us if they are able to collect food for their community!  We want to know if others care too!
3. Make an announcement at our school asking others to help
4. Blog about it on our Kidblog

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Using Skype As A Way To Connect and Engage With Books!

On Friday we had an opportunity to connect with our 6th grade friends in Vermont!  They are: @vtfirsties on Twitter.  We used Skype as a way to listen to our older friends read stories to us.  This was great because we were listening to understand and we were also able to give compliments and share what we noticed about their reading.

Skype: An Expert On Monarch Butterflies!

This morning, Cathy, A friend of Mrs. D's answered our questions we had about the Monarch!  She was in Ontario, Canada!  We also said hello to another Kindergarten class that was there too!
Here are our questions:
1. What parts of the milkweed plant does a Monarch eat?
2. Why don't we see lots of Monarch's anymore?
3. How do their wings work?
4. What is the name of there tongue?
5. Where do they fly to?

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Today we had a mystery Skype call!  It was Mr. Anthony!  We practiced saying hello, asking questions and sharing using Skype.  We noticed that our face shows up on the webcam and that we can see our classroom too if we move the webcam around!

This morning we had another Kindergarten student visit us and share the flag of South Korea, some books and he even counted in Korea for us.  This was exciting to make this connection because we are also collaborating via Padlet with another Kindergarten classroom in Seoul, South Korea.
A great example of how we are using Google Hangout to connect in Kindergarten!
One of the students was home sick and wanted to check in with us to see what we were doing in Kindergarten.  We used Google Hangout to sy hello and share what was happening.

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A Skype Collaboration!
We had a wonderful connection with a grandparent in Kindergarten.  She connected with us using Skype while she was visiting Spain and California!  It was wonderful to meet her face to face today and see her photographs.

Hawaii and Mexico!
By using Skype we can communicate and have conversations about questions we have and about what we are discovering!

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Connecting With The Purpose of Being Kind!

This morning we skyped with our 3rd/4th grade friends at another school.  We shared ways that we are kind at home, school and in our community.  Check here to see our wallwisher which is home to the many acts of kindness we do each day!

Connecting With Our Kindergarten Friends In Virginia!

 Collaboration occurs naturally when we are able to talk, share and connect with others who share our passion for learning.
 Skyping builds confidence as well as giving us an opportunity to develop a sense of what an audience is and "How To" ask questions about what we are experiencing.

Through Skyping we are able to share what we are learning about patterns.  In this photograph we are learning about patterns found in nature!

Kindergarten Around The World Project
This afternoon we connected with our friends in British Columbia, Canada.  This collaboration became possible thanks to twitter!  I was able to connect with another kindergarten teacher who was interested in  collaborating about the learning that is happening in our classrooms. 
Today we had to improvise because SKYPE was not logging on our SMARTboard so we were able to use an iPad to connect!  Our Canadian friends shared the patterns they created with us.  We made a connection because we are also creating different patterns too!
 Click here to read more about the project.

 Buddy Classroom In Saskatchewan!

 This morning we said hello to our friends in Canada!  They were asking us questions about the Monarch Butterfly.  This was so fun and a great way to share what we learned about the Monarch with our new friends.
 Skype is a great way to say hello and make connections with others.  We now have a weekly schedule of the days and times we Skype each week!  What a fun and interactive way to connect and collaborate!

Using SKYPE to Stay Connected and Make Connections!

 One of our classmates was home sick and called us to see what we were up to!
 We are connecting with our friends in Virginia!  We met them on twitter @mskatiekinder through the Kindergarten postcard exchange.

 Here one of the students father was visiting South Africa and he called us to say hello.
We were saying hello to our friends in British Columbia!  We met through the Kindergarten Around The World Project on Twitter @MsG's Kindies.

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Making Connections!
We are beginning to make lots of connections through our relationships with each other.  One of our students father visited Cape Town, South Africa!  We were able to connect using SKYPE AND now we know what types of animals live on this continent.

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