Tweeting In Kindergarten

Beginning to have conversations....

This afternoon we took a walk outside and sat under some trees.  We sat quietly and listened for bird sounds(Tweets).  Later we talked about how birds "tweet" and have conversations from trees with each other.  Then we began sharing how we will have conversations with each other and the world.  I introduced Twitter as a way to 'tweet" like the birds, what we feel is important to share with the world.  If you "tweet us" we will "tweet" back!  We met a Kindergarten class from New York today!

Who Are We Connecting With On Twitter?
We created a map showing the different classrooms inside the US and outside the US that we are connecting with using Twitter!

Tweeting As Mentors!
We have been using twitter to connect with others and share our learning!  This past week we were contacted by a 2nd grade class who was asking us about how and why we tweet!  What a great opportunity to share and model "how to" be a safe, kind and responsible digital citizen!

Digital citizenship Begins In Kindergarten!
Kindergarten has started!  We have started to connect with others using twitter and Skype.

We have our twitter page open throughout our busy day together.  This way if we have something to say, we can tweet it to others!  After we tweet with our blue twitter bird we get a paper twitter bird so we can share with our families about what we tweeted in Kindergarten! 

Creating A Live Feed! 

We have so much to "tweet" about that we created a 'live feed" in Kindergarten.   Now we can share our "tweets" about what we want to share, while also practicing what we understand about writing a sentence!  We discovered that when we tweet, we are writing a thought.  Our thoughts need to have spaces, a capital letter and a period so that others understand what we are tweeting/saying!
Our "Live Feed"

Making A Connection!
This afternoon one of my students noticed the twitter symbol on one of the apps we were exploring.  She was so excited to know that she could tweet/share what she made and that she recognized the tweeter bird!

This is our class twitter bird for Kindergarten.  Every time we want to tweet we hold our twitter bird and share our tweet.  We talked a lot about how "tweeting" is like talking.  We "tweet" about things that we are exploring and discovering in Kindergarten.  We are making connections with other Kindergarten classes by "tweeting" what we are learning.  Click on this link and read more about how and why we tweet.

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Romaine Jacklin said...

I am very curious how you began this area of your teaching. Did you have to get parent permissions? Administrative permissions? This is my first year teaching Kindergarten and I would love to start using Twitter and a class blog, so I am beginning to look into the options. Thanks for your tips!

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