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Kidblog Connects!
We noticed that another Kindergarten teacher from Michigan left us comments on our Kidblogs.  We also created a center in our classroom where we can go to get reminders about "how to" post and leave a comment.  Be sure to check out our newest posts about Machu Picchu.  We are really becoming great writers.

"How To" Create A Post!

In Kindergarten we are exploring "how to" create a post on Kidblog.  We designed a "how to" book that helps guide us through the steps.  When we collaborate together we learn so much!  Becoming independent with something is a wonderful feeling!

Connecting With Kidblog!

Thanks to our Kidblogs we are able to post and blog about the places we travel to and even what we see!  This is a wonderful opportunity for children to share and experience what it means to speak to a whole group and also facilitate compliments and questions.  One of our students recently visited an aquarium so we were able to learn about animals that live in the ocean.

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 Connecting, Sharing and Getting Inspired With Kidblog!

Today we looked at our Kidblogs and began reading all of the compliments we received on our 1st blog post!  Thanks so much for leaving kind comments.  The kind comments let us know that others are proud of us and what we are doing in Kindergarten!


Here are a couple of photos of a display we created in Kindergarten about kidblog.  Thanks for all your support with this!
 What We Have To Say About Blogging!

 – “I like blogging because it is a way you can share with the whole wide world.”
– “I like to share my work in Writer’s Workshop when I blog.”
– “It makes me feel good to share my work.”
– “It helps me learn where people live.”
 – “My Kidblog helps me see what I’ve been learning.”  “Blogging makes me see what other people are learning.”
 – “I like blogging because I can share my work.”
– “I like blogging because I get to read comments from other people about my work.”
 – “I like blogging because I work hard and I like to share my hard work.”
 – “Blogging helps me learn new words.”
 – “I like blogging because it is fun.”
 – “We get comments from people and it makes me feel good.”
 – “When I blog I get really nice comments and it fills my bucket.”
 – “I like to login and logout.”
 – “I like blogging because I get comments back about my work.”

Beginning The Year With Kidblog!
 One of my students asking if anyone notices anything about his post.
 I emailed parents and they posted comments on their child's blog post and others in Kindergarten.  A great way to introduce positive compliments!
 Sharing what we posted.  Identifying what is in the photo.

What a great beginning of Kindergarten.  My students have begun to create posts on their kidblogs!  We began the year by learning "how to" use the camera and video on the iPad.  Then each of my students took a photograph of something important to them in Kindergarten.  Afterwards we posted on our kidblogs!  My students are beginning to experience what it means to be a digital citizen.

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Blogging In Kindergarten!

This is why we blog!

1 comment:

Elizabeth Pasquale said...

This is amazing. I am currently enrolled in a class and discussing blogging. At first I said there is no way I could do this with Kindergarteners but after reading through some posts it seems very possible. I have a few questions. How do you find the time to make sure they are all logged on, writing (when Kinders can't compose full sentences yet), and keeping up with it? Any tips because I would love to start something like this. Do you suggest maybe starting with a whole class blog before tackling having every child having one?

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