Friday, January 21, 2011

Remembering Martin Luther King!

This week the children created their own podcast of their dream for the future. The podcasts were inspired by the story we read remembering the life of Martin Luther King. I am posting a video of 2 of the dreams that the children created this week.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning About The Digraph"TH" With Ms. Heather!

This morning our wonderful speech language pathologist visited Kindergarten! Ms. Heather talked to us about the how to make the "th" sound. We practiced making this sound together. When we make this sound our tongue slides between our teeth! It is different from the "f" sound. When we make "f" we bite our tongue. Be sure to ask your child about what we did!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating A Setting For A Story!

This morning we started creating our story setting for our characters from the story, "The Three Snow Bears" Our SMARTboard is a great tool to help us visualize all the things that we need in a setting. The setting helps tell the story too! We will work on creating our puppets tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gmail In Kindergarten!

Today Mrs. Birdsall came to Kindergarten to talk to us about Gmail! This is a great tool and a privilege to have at our school. Today we talked about how important it is to use Gmail as a tool to communicate with others and how it helps us with our reading, writing and spelling! One of the children set their account up today as an example of "how to" do it! The children will set up their own Gmail accounts next week. After we do that I will ask you to send your child an email.
I am starting this a little earlier this year as we are in the middle of a Jan Brett author study and on her website she has a place where children can design and send their own postcard! So..... the children need an email account to do that! Please talk to your child about who they would like to send their postcard to and I will help them. If it is a relative or friend I would need the email address. Thanks!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is a Rekenrek?

This morning Mrs. Schaw came to Kindergarten to talk to us about a new math tool we will be using to us with our math thinking. A Rekenrek is a special math word that came from a man who lives in the Netherlands. It means an arithmetic rack. What We Noticed About Our Class Rekenrek: 1. 10 beads on top, 10 beads on the bottom 2. It has red and white beads. 3. They are like circles. 4. The beads slide back and forth. 5. 20 balls and it is a repeating pattern. 6. 5 red balls and 5 white balls on top.

Remember you can click on any picture and it will become larger.

Great Math Stations In Kindergarten!

The children learned a new game called, "Count and Compare Pennies." This is a great game that gives the children a chance to develop the concepts of addition and subtraction. Be sure to ask your child about this game.

We also started using sea creatures to help us count, make estimations and to practice subitizing numbers 1-10! Lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Quilt Representing An A, B, C Pattern With Triangles and Squares!

Jan Brett Author Study Live!

The children have been enjoying listening to the books we are reading by our current author of study, Jan Brett. Today the children began designing their own hat form the story, "The Hat". They are all beautiful and will be on display soon. Later during our reader's workshop time the children had an opportunity to turn and talk with a partner about another story we read, "The Mitten." The children each created their own mitten and the put the characters of the story inside. During our turn and talk all the children had an opportunity to re tell the story! Wonderful!

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