Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trees, Trees, Trees

Hello Everyone!

Today we worked on creating an environment underground. Some of the children made spiders, worms and other creatures that live where you find tree roots. Some of the children explored pine cones and needles of a coniferous tree.

During Writer's Workshop the children created a diagram of their animal that lives in the forest. Some children choose insects, birds, creepy crawly bugs, rabbits and other furry creatures. The diagrams are colorful, labelled with words that describe their animal and also a habitat of where you would find that animal in the forest.

We are working really hard on counting by 10's, 5's and 1's to 100! Ask your child about some of the counting games we played.

Enjoy the afternoon,


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Unknown said...

looks great spacing and all, it is fun to see a snapshot into their day


Have a great weekend

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