Friday, January 7, 2011

Gmail In Kindergarten!

Today Mrs. Birdsall came to Kindergarten to talk to us about Gmail! This is a great tool and a privilege to have at our school. Today we talked about how important it is to use Gmail as a tool to communicate with others and how it helps us with our reading, writing and spelling! One of the children set their account up today as an example of "how to" do it! The children will set up their own Gmail accounts next week. After we do that I will ask you to send your child an email.
I am starting this a little earlier this year as we are in the middle of a Jan Brett author study and on her website she has a place where children can design and send their own postcard! So..... the children need an email account to do that! Please talk to your child about who they would like to send their postcard to and I will help them. If it is a relative or friend I would need the email address. Thanks!!!

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