Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starbuck's Visits Kindergarten!

This afternoon Rose, from Starbucks came to talk to us about some of the great things Starbucks is doing to make a difference in our community and world! Some of the wonderful things happening are: * donating coffee and tea for Green Up Day! * You can bring your mug into Starbucks to get your beverage instead of using a paper cup! *recycling in their store *reducing waste by reusing coffee grinds! People can stop by and take some to help your garden grow! *use special light bulbs in their store that are energy efficient *They help build schools and medical clinics in the villages of the farmers that grow their coffee beans

We enjoyed a healthy snack and drink in the afternoon! Thanks Rose for coming to Kindergarten! Where did Starbucks get their name? Listen and find out!

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