Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Day 36

Look here to see photos of our day.

Today we found letters, numbers and sight words in our morning message. We are great detectives.
We launched the writer's workshop today too!  As writer's, we have our own writing folders, special tools, and paper each day that we write.  During our share session today we noticed that the words people wrote matched their picture and that we are great at sounding out words.

We explored the concepts of greater than and less than today. We wrote equations that make 5 too.

We had visitors from Horizon come and tell us about movie night. It is this Friday at the Allen Brook School. All donations go to support the Children's Hospital.

We read a couple of great stories about a character Rocket who is a dog who is learning to read and write.

We had a wonderful day @vermontkkids123

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