Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Connections With Kid Blog and Our Scrapbooks!

This morning we began working on pages for our Kindergarten scrapbooks. The children were so excited and loved the idea of creating and designing their own pages. A few of the children made an important connection with this project. The children said, "This is like our kid blogs!" I asked "How". Some of the children responded with the following comments; it is like a journal, we have titles and pictures like our blogs, we write words and sentences like we do on our kid blog, everyone can see our blog, but not our scrapbooks. Amazing!


Lynnie Pizzulli said...

Hi, Your blog looks great and the kids seem to really benefit from this...What are you doing special for Digital Learning Day?

Lynnie Pizzulli said...

Your blog looks great and so beneficial for the kids!
Are you doing a special project for Digital Learning Day?

Sharon said...

Hi Lynne,

We are posting random acts of kindness on a wallwisher. We are also Skyping with others to share why/how technology helps us with our learning.

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