Monday, April 11, 2011

Mrs. Schaw Teaches Us A New Math Game In Kindergarten !

This afternoon we learned a new math game. It was so fun! First we talked about what a digit is. Digits are single numbers. Two digit numbers are numbers created with 2 digits like; 15, 23, 45, etc. We learned that single digits only have 1 part, which is 1 digit. 2 digit numbers are made of 2 parts which then makes a 2 digit number. We played a partner game using cards with 2 digit numbers on them. First you decide how many cards to take from the pile, then you read the numbers and make observations. Some of our mathematical observations were that some of the digits were the same, like 24, 29. When this happened we knew that they were from the same decade. When we play this card game we put the cards in order from the least to the greatest and from the greatest to the least. We then asked a great mathematical ?. Is this activity like putting our number cards in counting order? The answer was no, counting order has no missing digits, in this game we are putting the numbers in order from the least to the greatest and the greatest to the least.
In the videos you will have an opportunity to listen to some of the math thinking that happened while we were playing this new math game!

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