Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ePals! We Earned A Smithsonian Star!

Smithsonian Stars!

I included a link below for you to check out the scientific drawings that
your children did!  I joined ePals 2 years ago.  It is a safe, global
community that supports collaboration and making connections with other
teachers, students and schools.  One of the projects this year that I am
participating in is Smithsonian Classroom.  I am uploading writing and
drawings that the children are creating and designing that focus on the
natural world.  When you go to the link, *click on Natural World*, then you
will be on another page, then *click on student work.*  Here is where you
will be able to see your child's work as well as other students from all
over the world who have contributed.  When I was sharing this, this morning
the children were making comments about how the work was similar and
different.  Later today we will be looking on a map/Google Map to see where
some of these students are from.  This might be a nice activity for you to
do at home also.

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