Sunday, November 6, 2011

SMARTboard Awesomeness!


A child making connections and observations while others are interacting with the SMARTboard!
 I love the SMARTboard!  This genius tool offers endless opportunities for children to interact with their thinking and also to reflect about what they are exploring and noticing with different cognitive ideas.  During our exploration time the children are able to make lots of choices around what they would like to explore.  One of our stations in kindergarten is the SMARTboard.  It offer lots of different tools for the children to explore with.  On Friday the children explored with dice.  It was great to observe what they discovered!  The children were taking turns, subitizing numbers with each roll, creating representation for how they new what they new, making connections with numbers and the dice, taking turns listening to each others observations and having fun while they were learning.

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