Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Forest Luncheon

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What a wonderful celebration we had today!  The children had a wonderful, healthy lunch.  Everyone enjoyed all of the forest foods that were served.  Many thanks to all of you for your endless contributions of time, energy, patience, donations of supplies, and food.  I really enjoyed watching the children sitting together for a meal.  Wonderful table manners also!


Laura Dyer said...

Mrs. Davison's Class,
We were looking at your pictures and noticed that you have the book The Snowy Day in your classroom! We have it in our class too! Our book is little. Can we borrow your big book someday? We could switch and you could borrow our little one if you want. We just finished a science experiment inspired by The Snowy Day. We brought a snowball inside to see if it would melt in our classroom. Then we did another experiment with snow.

Love, Mrs. Dyer's Class

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Dyer's Class,
Thanks for your comment. Tomorrow we are reading the big book of the Snowy Day. We are also watching and observing snow melting. Can we bring the book to you tomorrow? Mrs. D's Class.

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