Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gmail in Kindergarten!


Today we learned about Gmail in our classroom.  Mrs. Birdsall our awesome technology educator visited Kindergarten and talked to us about how lucky we are to have email, why we have it and how it helps us with our learning.
Here are some of the wonderful things that the kids children had to say about email: 
"Why would we want to use Gmail?"
instead of using my mom's iPhone I could send an email,instead of texting, you can make an email to a friend
"It helps our learning by"......
it helps us learn words when we type a message, you can practice writing your name and then people know who you are, you sign your name when you write a message
"It helps us with our reading because".......
you can learn new words, you re-read what you write, you can read your message, email has lots of words to read

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