Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Living The Dream

In Kindergarten this month we have been focusing a lot on feelings, sharing, being kind and supporting each other.  Today we watched a video about an amazing man, Martin Luther King Jr.  It is a great video about who he was, his life and his impact.  Thanks to Mr. Deyo's Kindergarten class! Click here to watch.
Today we created our dreams during our writer's workshop time and also made an iMovie! 


Robalope said...


I teach grades 1-3 in a little school out in NV. I've been following your blog for a while, since I am interested in teaching kindergarten. I am curious, how much time do you spend during the week with writers workshop? I feel that my students are not getting nearly enough time for writing.

Thanks for sharing and those dreams were lovely to behold.

Miss Robyn

Las Vegas, NV (formerly of Montpelier, VT)

Sarah Barrett said...

I love all your dreams! They are very important!

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