Friday, March 27, 2020

Learning From Home: Day 8

Exploring the land.

This is what I observed...

Use your skill of observation and enjoy being curious!
Create a drawing of the geography and anything else you see. I used a marker and a piece of cardboard to create my drawing.

Today while you are outside, look around at the land and the geography of where you are. Use your skill of observation to help you think about these ideas:
1. Is the land flat? Do you see a hill? 
2. Why are some trees grouped together?
3. Is the sun shining everywhere? Why or why not?
4. When you walk up an incline or a small hill is it easier to walk up or harder? 
5. Do you notice any trees? What kind are they? Deciduous? Coniferous?
6. How can you help take care of what you are seeing?
Think about how these experiences support Global Goals.

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