Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another Wonderful Day In Kindergarten!

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What a wonderful day we had in Kindergarten.  We learned how to write 3 skyline letters; t, b and f.  We like using our new tool kits to help us practice.  We are also creating Author Note pages for our Okay Books.
 Later we used Skype to say hello and learn online etiquette when we use this platform to have conversations.  Please contact me if you would be willing to Skype with us!
Mr. Deyo visited Kindergarten to talk to us about what he shared with a ranger.
We enjoyed reading with our reading buddies too.
We enjoyed a great story!  We read the story and then had conversations about how the strategies and ideas in the book would be great for our block area.  We are trying to pause and take breaths when we need too.  We discovered that when we collaborate, we learn new things and have fun.

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