Friday, September 1, 2017

Creating A Culture For Learning

In the beginning days of Kindergarten we are involved with many projects that help us explore new ideas and also give us opportunities to collaborate with each other. I have shared some of the activities from today with you.

Today in Kindergarten we created our own caterpillars inspired by the story: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by, Eric Carle. We worked with model magic.  This is a great material to work with because if children change their thinking, they can do so easily. 

 Later we were able to create our own mindfulness jar.  The jar is a way for us to calm down if we upset or frustrated. Look here to see a video we watch called Just Breathe. 

We finished painting our map of the world!  Now we are able to begin to show where and who we are connecting with in regards to our learning.  Next week we will learn the continent song and label new places on our map.

Creating Aprons!
We were able to create our own apron today outside using finger paint. The blocks were a great idea to keep the wind from blowing them away.

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