Saturday, September 9, 2017

Connecting: The Global Goals For Sustainability

As we begin to weave the Global Goals into Kindergarten we began with making a connection.  I explained to the children that when you are cold, you may choose to wrap yourself in a blanket to keep warm.  This helps you feel better.  The world is a huge place with lots of amazing people and places to see.  The Global Goals are like a blanket.  They wrap themselves around the world.  This is how with our help we can all help the world feel better too. Day #3 of Kindergarten
So I asked the students;"What are we going to do to keep our world healthy?"
These are their responses.....
1. Pick Up Trash
2. Don't Litter
3. No Smoking
4. Eat Healthy Food
5. Keep the Water Clean: No Trash in the Water
6. Throw Trash Away
7. Respect the Earth
8. Recycle
9. Buy only Things That You Need
10. Plant Trees
11. Take Care of Each Other

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