Thursday, September 6, 2018

Another Wonderful Day..

Today we learned about peace. Ms. S. is helping us create peace flags out of natural materials.  We read a book called;"The Peace Book."

We used our whiteboard table to help us practice writing letters f and b. We are exploring letters in our names and around our classroom. We notice that some letters are created with curvy, straight and even diagonal sides.

We visited the garden and learned about what grows there. We will all have an opportunity to visit the garden with Gardner Andrew.

We each have our own scientific bags, binoculars and even a field journal for when we explore nature and make observations.

We explored a new math habit of mind called Justify Why!  We know we are justifying our thinking when we use the word because. We explored a new App called pattern shapes. Go here and get it for free if you would like to have it!

 Look Here for photos of Kindergarten today.

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