Friday, September 28, 2018

Day 20: @vermontkkids123

Today we made it to a new decade!  We are exploring many new math stations that are helping us write our numbers, count and subitize!

Look here to see photos from today.

We read 2 amazing books about why and how we can sustain our planet.

We are beginning to explore Global Goal #2 Zero Hunger. Jen from the Williston Food Shelf visited kindergarten this morning to speak with us..

Did you know?
* A food shelf is a place where there's food like a grocery store.
* It is a place for people to get food for free who do not have money to buy food at a store.
* Volunteers work for free at the food shelf.
* We can donate food to a food shelf.
Why we have  one in our community..
* to help kids get food to keep healthy
* to make sure all people have food when they need it
* supports #2 Zero Hunger
* people need food to survive and do well in school
What can we do?
* go to the store and buy food and drop off  at the food shelf
* invite friends over for dinner
* food drive
* visit the food shelf often.

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