Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 13th @vermontkkids123

What a wonderful day we had together. 
Today we connected with some new friends in Brazil! We will be sharing our learning together on Twitter. Mr. Deyo's class is now a friend of ours on Twitter too. We are being safe, kind, and responsible digital citizens because we share about our learning, follow people our teacher knows who are safe and we are always kind when online.

We read another story about Pete The Cat! The story reminded us of global goal #4. We want all children in the world to think mathematically like we do.

We explored Geoboard in math. This App is free and helps us think mathematically about shapes and how to make them. Look here to get the App.

Look here to see photos from today.

We explored the global goals today too. We created a pledge which is a promise to think of an action for positive change to help the world. Yesterday we made a pledge to use iPads safely.

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