Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Day 3 in Kindergarten!

Look here to see photos of our day in Kindergarten today!

The leader of the day rings the silver bar, empties our compost, weeds our flowerbeds with a friend and waters our plants! When we collaborate with others will learn how to be responsible, work in a team, and share ideas. Through taking responsibility for nature we are exploring kindness and what we need in order to take care of the land.

Today we used AirServer to create different types of lines. We used an app called; "DoodleBuddy." Later we practiced making b and t on our Smartboard and we each have a cool tool kit for practice too.

Our new scientific tools arrived today thanks to DonorsChoose. We will be exploring nature and making scientific journal entries in our field journals later in the week.

Mrs. Bianchi is our math coordinator and she will be coming to math workshop everyday to help us think mathematically! Today we explored.. 

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